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My questionnaires are design to determine O/our goal's and desire's compatibility.

To properly give you a quote, you will need to provide Me with an honest and detailed list of what you are looking to accomplish. My rates vary from playing in my city and having to travel to play. My rates are reasonable for the amount of experience I have and the quality of sessions I provide. The information below should be used as a guideline of the types of sessions, scenes, and consultations I perform.


L/let's get to know E/each other without the commitment or pressure of a booked session. I understand this world can be a bit overwhelming and there is no shame in easing into it, L/let's do it together. W/we can talk about your kinks, questions, possible interests, or simply a bit about you. The more I know about you the better your Goddess will be able to set up a scene. W/we can meet in a public place (of My choosing) where I will be dressed discreetly, and downplay that you are secretly a submissive. This is a non fantasy interaction, purely meeting with the goal of getting to know E/each other better.


you will see Me at My happiest when I'm spending your money. I enjoy day spa's, beauty treatments, shopping trips, and high end restaurants with My girlfriends. you would meet Us at a specified location, hand over your wallet, and trail behind Us as Me and My girlfriend spoil Ourselves at your expense. We'd laugh at the thought of you sweating over Our expensive taste. Let's do some damage to your wallet. We'd be dressed discreetly, in public spaces, and downplay that you are Our little submissive PayPig.


Time to explore your dark desires. That which you have fantasized for years but never dreamt you'd meet a Goddess like Me that would grace you with Her time.

I will train you to be a proper submissive for your Goddess, reworking your mind and implanting you with erotic psychological triggers. your time has finally come to get what you deserve, what you've been lusting after. Here W/we meet at O/our agreed upon location, whether a local dungeon or 5 star hotel, and begin to bring your deviant fantasies to life.


Want to clean for Me? Be ordered around and have your work critiqued while dressed up as a sissy? I enjoy lounging around luxurious manors and villas while My obedient house servant brings Me fresh fruits and cool drinks, pool side. I offer a special rate for domestic slaves that want to better or learn the skill of Domestic Servitude. you will be worked harder then you could have ever dreamed.

I also have FemDom gatherings that require good, obedient service subs to serve My guests for entire evenings at a time. Ask about this session and L/lets find out if you have what it takes.


Get heavily restricted and be locked away. Sink inside your head and find out what you are made of. Book an initial session and add hours of isolation and sensory deprivation time on top of it. I enjoy running errands knowing you are locked away back in My dungeon.


I love playing with and training couples. Are you both submissive? Does your partner want to be trained to top you? Rates are additional and vary depending on the level of participation. L/let's go into depth about what you both are looking for out of this session and how I can make this fantasy come true.


I'm sure you have seen My content on My many platforms and I'm sure you have salivated over the thought of being publicly humiliated at the end of My whip. Want the world to see how much pain you can take for your Goddess or what a little slut you are for Me? L/let's make that happen. I would love to show you off, however, not everyone is qualified to be a content submissive. The audience does not want to see someone struggle against Me or not be able to handle pain.

An initial session is required to determine compatibility first before being considered for a content submissive. you will need to sign a model release form, provide a valid photo ID, and wear a hood/mask. I do NOT film sex of any kind, nudity, spilling blood, or releases.


Some of My worshippers are too far away to play in person or on a regular basis. While I much prefer real time, I do offer text play. It's a great way to keep in the proper headspace in-between sessions or to get familiar with My play style. An agreed upon Tribute is to be made every new chat session and an appointment MUST be booked like any other session. Just because W/we have agreed upon online/phone chatting sessions does not give you 24/7 access to My time. Always remember you exist to respect Me.

Treat yourself to one today!


  • you are not penalized for cancelling a session with a two week notice UNLESS intensive planning was required for your scene.
  • If you cancel with a 72 hour notice or less, your deposit will be kept as an apology Gift.
  • If you cancel with 24 hours notice or less, you are expected to pay the full amount for your session and one strike will go on your record. Three strikes and you will lose the right to My time indefinitely.