For bookings, see ‘Contacting Me’


I play according to SSC (Safe, Sane, Consensual) and CFNM (Clothed Female, Naked Male)

  • you are expected to arrive/ meet exactly on time. If you are running early or late, you must call to notify Me.
  • Make sure you arrive freshly showered & groomed. If you fail to follow instructions I will send you home and keep your payment with no refund.
  • you are to call Me "Goddess" at all times. I also enjoy being called "Beautiful One" and "Ma'am".
  • After you are greeted, you will kneel and place the session tribute in front of you, arranged in an individual file (no overlapping). Do not make your Goddess ask.
  • you will kneel in front of Me with your eyes looking down and humbly kiss the tip of My boots with care, you will raise your hands palms up offering your Goddess your devotion, then W/we discuss O/our shared interests and determine O/our compatibilities.
  • Gifts are acceptable and encouraged
  • W/we will have a short consultation before playing. Be prepared to discuss any health concerns, triggers and medications you may be on. W/we will also discuss your goals for the session & long term.
  • Safety words (verbal and nonverbal) are a must and will be discussed.
  • Be respectful. Always ask for permission, never assume it is given. Know your place in MY world.
  • Keep your hands to yourself. Touching is never allowed unless instructed.
  • you do not have consent to touch Me unless I give you expressed instructions to do so. If you cannot control yourself, the session will end and you will be dismissed immediately. 
  • When O/our time is over, you will be offered 10 minute Aftercare/ cooling down session but do not linger. If you require more decompression time than normal, schedule it ahead of time. I'm happy to go to dinner or drinks with you after for an additional Tribute.

By continuing with the application process, you accept My Rules, My List of Interests, Fetishes and Taboos, and understand I do not offer nudity or sexual services, and that you are NOT allowed to touch My divine skin at any time. you also understand that you will have to pay for a deposit in advance in order to book O/our session. Show your Goddess you take this journey seriously by complying with My requests.