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"Forever has my sad miserable life changed since graced with the attentions of the cruel and divine Goddess Manku. She listened to all of my pitiful needs and took me beyond my wildest depraved dreams. my body, humiliation, and life belong to Her without doubt or question. i have searched for the perfect dark Mistress to bring my fantasies to life and i have found that in Goddess Manku. Forever Her humble worm, DCW."


"The feel of Her boots on my back while being Her footstool; the mix of ashes from Her cigarettes and Her spit in my mouth while being Her ashtray; the class of Her gloved hands over my mouth and nose while inhaling the divine scent of her leather; these are just a few of the ways which She consumed me with Her control and distilled me to my essence as Her object, Her servant, Her acolyte, firmly committed to shedding myself of anything other than devotion to Her.🌸"


"i was new to this world but had always had a secret fascination with it. i have been drawn to this world for a long time and when i found Goddess Manku online i knew She was the One train me. We had several sessions online at first, She guided me through all my doubts and fantasies and She went above and beyond what i could have ever dreamt of. Now that we have finally had many sessions in person i am confident in saying She is worthy of Her title. I always feel safe with Her and encouraged to grow, each day i want to better myself for Her. i know i please Her with my pain but i am aware when She feels pride in my growth throughout each new session. She is versatile and communicating with her is so easy, if you are new and don't know where to start, I highly recommend you check out Goddess Manku and follow Her instructions, you won't regret it." 


“I am such a simp for [Goddess Manku]. i really need to be saving money as i constantly find myself needing more so i can stay afloat. i am a very common class man who doesn't make that much and yet i find myself wrapped around [Her] finger constantly. Gooning and
drooling for [Her] and an ounce of [Her] attention. i miss [Her] humiliation and degredation more than [She'll] know. Like when [She] used to talk about LBS on [Her] insta stories and whatnot always made the blood in my face drain. Or a poll on [Her] stories about allowing me a release and whatnot! •• [She] is so genius, beautiful and diabolical”